10 Terrific Aids for Your New Year's Resolutions

Every year I pick that I really don’t need to generate any New Year’s resolutions, because I must be — theoretically — shifting my bad habits throughout the year. But every year, right around New Year’s Eve, I realize there are several bad habits that have been lingering way beyond their due date, and the resolutions begin. This season I think my focus will be reducing my legendary evaluation tactics.

New Year’s resolutions often revolve around some common themes: business, health, livelihood, new paths and new habits. No matter what your brand new start this season, here are a few handy suggestions and aids that can help you on your path. Or, even if by some miracle you’ve got no need for resolutions, you are able to bring home a fresh green plant, like the moss in the terrarium below, to remind one of this freshness of the calendar year.


Cocoon Grid-It Organizer – $19.99

If my portable office (that’s, notebook bag) is coordinated, then my head and also my work instantly feel more organized also.


5-Year Diary – $24.95

Keep in mind that the highlights of your life using a low-commitment diary — this variant has room for just a few lines a day. It compels us to select the best minutes.


Stendig 2013 Calendar by Vignelli – $31.25

Will help you stay on task and on track. This easy one is large enough to help forgetful souls like me always know what day it is.


Aqua Zinger Flavored Water Maker – $26

Drinking more water is a great New Year’s resolution. I just got these for Christmas and love it. Add fresh fruit combinations to the foundation (watermelon and basil, strawberries and oranges), and with a few twists and a shake, then you will have fresh flavored water to keep you hydrated.

General Store

Delfonics Pen – $10

A unique pen makes note taking, list making and general work jobs 10 times more enjoyable. These beauties from Delfonics are made using a smooth ballpoint tip for writing.

Garrett Wade

Gerstner Flex Household Chest – $180

Upgrade that random plastic tool chest to a worthy of your respect; your tools will remain more organized, and your endeavors will feel worthier. Check Garrett Wade for more sizes also.


Loft Resumes – $99

Want a new job this past year? Give yourself a leg up using a professionally designed resume — what a memorable first impression it would create!


Leather Bags – $220

These basic bags are made right in my home state, but believe me, that is not why I’ve included them. The gorgeous leather is thick and sturdy, the pockets are roomy and they are fantastic for both men and women.


Moss Terrarium Bottle – $37.99

Fresh green plants remind us of new growth and fresh starts. A terrarium like this one, made from recycled wine bottles, works for even the blackest of thumbs — the moss just needs a bit misting now and then.


Bento Database Software for iPad – $4.99

Get more organized in most apsects of your daily life with an organizational app like Bento for your iPad (and Mac and iPhone). You can organize contacts, track jobs, plan events and manage lists.

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