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Artful Stairs: Pairing in Steel

Stairs are among those components in a house that allow architects to truly flex their style muscles. When many pieces of a stair are standardized — both the height and length of risers and treads, railing heights, and the openness of guardrails — numerous factors allow for intriguing surfaces and construction details. One means of […]

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Capes Across America

Cape Cod houses are available across America in diverse variations to match differing climates and norms. This is because the Cape is, in its spirit, the one house style that conjures for us dreams of beachfront vacations, flower gardens, white picket fences and a simpler, more relaxed lifestyle. Historically, the Cape Cod house started as […]

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9 Manners Grout–Yes, Grout–Can Enhance Your Layout

Grout plays a large part in what sort of tile wall, counter or floor will appear though it is frequently an after-thought. The grout applied to tile inside has been white. White grout’s infamously hard to maintain white in the very first place, and occasionally you might not need the plain brightness of grout establishing […]

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