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The way to Make Homemade Rug Deodorizer

Carpet and rugs absorb scents like cigarette smoke, cooking odors and pet smells. Supermarkets and pharmacies offer carpet deodorizers to sprinkle carpets before you vacuum, but if you would like to conserve money or favor a more natural scent, make your own. Whip up a batch and enjoy the fresh scent of essential oils — […]

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Tips on Cleaning Kerosene From Carpets

Kerosene leaves more than just an oily stain when spilled on carpet. In addition to removing a possible stain in the kerosene, you will have to deal with the odor kerosene leaves behind. Massive quantities of kerosene can signify the end of a carpet; however, small quantities, like drips in a kerosene lamp, which can […]

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