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Looking for a Bold New Furniture Arrangement? Super-Size It

If you are fortunate enough to have a large room or even when you just want your average size room to feel much more striking, super-sizing your accessories or furniture is a fantastic way to add grandeur and crank up the comfy element in your own space. Many oversize furniture pieces are extremely comfortable and […]

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Modern Icons: Florence Knoll Table Desk

Whenever Florence Knoll saw a gap in the furniture market, she would fill it herself. Her meat-and-potatoes creations were frequently basic pieces that could perform several functions and fit in with a number of other contemporary pieces. Seeing a lack of choices in the office furniture market, she made the 1961 Executive Collection and revolutionized […]

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The Curvacious Panton Chair: It Functions Just About Everywhere

Somehow I Have chosen the “Warm Chairs” Ideabook I Have been increasing for months and divide it all aside. I understood that each seat that was iconic pops up in a wide variety of layouts within Houzz that they deserved their very own characteristic. Now Iwill give props in creation, now to the Panton Chair […]

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