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So That Your Style Is: Rustic

What it is: Rustic design reveals the old adage that everything comes full circle. Our pioneer ancestors could get a fantastic laugh out of how fashionable the look is now — they dreamed of walls instead of rough logs and rugs instead of bare plank floors. However thanks to rustic style’s unpretentious roots, organic textures […]

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Guest Groups: 20 Kids' Bedroom Chandeliers

My 3-year-old daughter needs me to decorate her bedroom. Right? The downside is that she’s a princess bedroom — think giant decals and a huge, twinkling pumpkin carriage bed. That’s not going to happen. I’m hoping, but that by creating some smart purchases, I will give her the fairytale glamour she craves without selling out […]

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Get the Look: Modern Rustic

There is plain old-fashioned rustic, then there’s modern rustic. The former comes with lots of rough hewn edges, weathered wood, knotty pine, antlers, quilts and exposed timbers. The latter edits the components down to just a few and highlights them by simplifying the rest of the room, perhaps by pairing timbers with barely off-white walls, […]

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