Guest Groups: 20 Kids' Bedroom Chandeliers

My 3-year-old daughter needs me to decorate her bedroom. Right? The downside is that she’s a princess bedroom — think giant decals and a huge, twinkling pumpkin carriage bed.

That’s not going to happen. I’m hoping, but that by creating some smart purchases, I will give her the fairytale glamour she craves without selling out to covering the room with Disney product. Is a lighting fixture.

— Natasha from Little Pink Dragon

The Land of Nod

Kids Daisy-Inspired Chandelier Light – $129

How lovely would this chandelier look with purple walls to pop ? It’s sweet and fresh, just like my daughter.


Luce Chandelier – $149

Simple and tasteful with a touch of whimsy, this really is sweet light if you are not looking to make a large statement.


Chandelier Monarch Butterfly Mobile, Purple by Dragon on the Fly – $45

This ombre purple chandelier doesn’t give off light, but man, is it lovely? It would make such a statement in front of a window over a crib. You can also locate DIY instructions on my website.


Maskros Pendant Lamp – $49.99

Have you ever noticed the different blogger hacks with this lamp? As you need to assemble all of the small flowers, you can choose some opportunity to paint every one to get a completely custom light fixture. My favorites are the gold ones with glass cups glued into the center of the flowers. So chic!

Pottery Barn Kids

Butterfly Crystal Chandelier – $134

That is so sweet to get a girly garden room. I don’t know a little girl who wouldn’t love to drift off to sleep looking at it.


Tiffany Blue Chandelier Modern Vintage by Simply Salvage – $120

Clearly I do not have to let you know why a Tiffany blue statement piece and your kid will go together quite well. If you have a basic chandelier that has nice curves such as this one, make yourself a blue spray paint and move to town. Just make sure you finish it with a polyurethane sealant spray to actually seal the bargain.


Vintage Tole Chandelier by Vintage Chic Furniture – $295

Tole chandeliers add so much personality to a room, and the fun’50s colours are good to play off of.


Knappa Pendant Lamp – $24.99

This is the perfect ceiling lighting for your modern chick. At that price I might even think about buying three and hanging them together at varying heights.

Worlds Away Online Store

Venus 15″ Pendant Chandelier in Hot Pink Translucent Capiz Shell – $397.50

I have enjoyed this pendant for a verylong time but just didn’t have a location to get a beautiful pink shell lighting fixture. I believe that it would be perfect for a room in which you only want to use bright pops of pink as your accent color.


Pink Chandelier by Twelve Timbers – $59.99

How fantastic is that? This faux candelabra chandelier is a fun twist. It’s perfect for a young area, but it still packs the glamour with its pink glittered surface. This might be the perfect light for my daughter’s room!


The Original Medium Bubble Chandelier by PELLE – $750

This enjoyable and modern design would certainly add style and class for your little one’s space.


Ramblin Rose Antique Cream with Pink Six-Light Chandelier – $256

For the traditional vintage-chic woman’s room, this chandelier seems like it’s right out of an American Girl narrative.

The Land of Nod

Kids Hot Pink Fabric Hanging Lamp – $99

Insert a simple pop of color for a perfect mod room. This also comes in a glowing tangerine. Yummy.


Stacked Glass Ball Pink Five Light Mini Chandelier – $279

Together with the traditional girly pink and crystal baubles, this is roughly as girly-girl as you can get!


Tea Time Chandelier – $1,800

As a DIYer, I am having trouble not going crazy thinking I could make this , especially after seeing the cost. Still, it’s an wonderful piece. If your princess serves tea to teddy, and you can afford it, this could be pretty darn amazing to have.

Rhododendron Chandelier – $998

Once more, this one is expensive, to say the least, but it’s wonderful as it glows. The only problem besides the cost is that I’d never want to go to sleep.


Green Glass Chandelier – $1,895

Wow. I might never leave the room.


Yellow Pagoda Chandelier

I am a sucker for pagodas. Period. Throw in some sunshine yellow, and I am officially smitten. This could be fun to get an eclectic area.


Beaded Heaven Custom Beaded Chandelier by Simply Salvage – $450

This one is a bit more of a nod compared to the others, but my goodness, it’s gorgeous! And the best part is that it’s completely customizable. Gotta love handmade artwork!

Light Charms

Crystal Light Charms – $14.99

If all else fails, it is possible to take any typical metal chandelier and add mild Charms to create a beautiful and glamorous chandelier. The charms come in all different color crystals and attach into the fixture with a little magnet, which makes them as temporary as you’d want them to be. It’s such a smart idea.

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