Guest Groups: 20 Kids' Bedroom Chandeliers

My 3-year-old daughter needs me to decorate her bedroom. Right? The downside is that she’s a princess bedroom — think giant decals and a huge, twinkling pumpkin carriage bed.

That’s not going to happen. I’m hoping, but that by creating some smart purchases, I will give her the fairytale glamour she craves without selling out to covering the room with Disney product. Is a lighting fixture.

— Natasha from Little Pink Dragon

The Land of Nod

Kids Daisy-Inspired Chandelier Light – $129

How lovely would this chandelier look with purple walls to pop ? It’s sweet and fresh, just like my daughter.


Luce Chandelier – $149

Simple and tasteful with a touch of whimsy, this really is sweet light if you are not looking to make a large statement.


Chandelier Monarch Butterfly Mobile, Purple by Dragon on the Fly – $45

This ombre purple chandelier doesn’t give off light, but man, is it lovely? It would make such a statement in front of a window over a crib. You can also locate DIY instructions on my website.


Maskros Pendant Lamp – $49.99

Have you ever noticed the different blogger hacks with this lamp? As you need to assemble all of the small flowers, you can choose some opportunity to paint every one to get a completely custom light fixture. My favorites are the gold ones with glass cups glued into the center of the flowers. So chic!

Pottery Barn Kids

Butterfly Crystal Chandelier – $134

That is so sweet to get a girly garden room. I don’t know a little girl who wouldn’t love to drift off to sleep looking at it.


Tiffany Blue Chandelier Modern Vintage by Simply Salvage – $120

Clearly I do not have to let you know why a Tiffany blue statement piece and your kid will go together quite well. If you have a basic chandelier that has nice curves such as this one, make yourself a blue spray paint and move to town. Just make sure you finish it with a polyurethane sealant spray to actually seal the bargain.


Vintage Tole Chandelier by Vintage Chic Furniture – $295

Tole chandeliers add so much personality to a room, and the fun’50s colours are good to play off of.


Knappa Pendant Lamp – $24.99

This is the perfect ceiling lighting for your modern chick. At that price I might even think about buying three and hanging them together at varying heights.

Worlds Away Online Store

Venus 15″ Pendant Chandelier in Hot Pink Translucent Capiz Shell – $397.50

I have enjoyed this pendant for a verylong time but just didn’t have a location to get a beautiful pink shell lighting fixture. I believe that it would be perfect for a room in which you only want to use bright pops of pink as your accent color.


Pink Chandelier by Twelve Timbers – $59.99

How fantastic is that? This faux candelabra chandelier is a fun twist. It’s perfect for a young area, but it still packs the glamour with its pink glittered surface. This might be the perfect light for my daughter’s room!


The Original Medium Bubble Chandelier by PELLE – $750

This enjoyable and modern design would certainly add style and class for your little one’s space.


Ramblin Rose Antique Cream with Pink Six-Light Chandelier – $256

For the traditional vintage-chic woman’s room, this chandelier seems like it’s right out of an American Girl narrative.

The Land of Nod

Kids Hot Pink Fabric Hanging Lamp – $99

Insert a simple pop of color for a perfect mod room. This also comes in a glowing tangerine. Yummy.


Stacked Glass Ball Pink Five Light Mini Chandelier – $279

Together with the traditional girly pink and crystal baubles, this is roughly as girly-girl as you can get!


Tea Time Chandelier – $1,800

As a DIYer, I am having trouble not going crazy thinking I could make this , especially after seeing the cost. Still, it’s an wonderful piece. If your princess serves tea to teddy, and you can afford it, this could be pretty darn amazing to have.

Rhododendron Chandelier – $998

Once more, this one is expensive, to say the least, but it’s wonderful as it glows. The only problem besides the cost is that I’d never want to go to sleep.


Green Glass Chandelier – $1,895

Wow. I might never leave the room.


Yellow Pagoda Chandelier

I am a sucker for pagodas. Period. Throw in some sunshine yellow, and I am officially smitten. This could be fun to get an eclectic area.


Beaded Heaven Custom Beaded Chandelier by Simply Salvage – $450

This one is a bit more of a nod compared to the others, but my goodness, it’s gorgeous! And the best part is that it’s completely customizable. Gotta love handmade artwork!

Light Charms

Crystal Light Charms – $14.99

If all else fails, it is possible to take any typical metal chandelier and add mild Charms to create a beautiful and glamorous chandelier. The charms come in all different color crystals and attach into the fixture with a little magnet, which makes them as temporary as you’d want them to be. It’s such a smart idea.

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For the Kids: Crucial Forts Inside

Children spend a lot more time indoors this time of year, and they need their own space. My brother and I left our own secret fort beneath our basement’s staircase when we were children. All it required was a carpet remnant on the floor, a lot of paint to decorate the backs of their risers and a notebook to record our secret meetings and create plans. For what, I have no idea, however, we had been outside of our parents’ hair. Here is how designers are creating some clever secret forts for children today.

CWB Architects

This space under the stairs is a lot prettier than that which my brother and I was going on. The perforations in the wall include peek-a-boo spots for your small ones and a element for the grownups.

Boor Bridges Architecture

A simple curtain and some bright paint under these stairs is more than enough to entice a tot into the cozy space. Children love to have a hideaway of their own.

An individual needn’t feel as though they need an amusement-park-worthy tree inside to keep children happy. A tent-like canopy above a bunk bed or loft is actually all it requires.

Dj’s Interior Design

A fun little home within the home makes a space that is imaginative that is fantastic.

Witt Construction

There is A secret bookcase entry always an enjoyable way to get a distinctive fort.

Candlelight Homes

The space beneath this clever loft bed is plenty big for enjoying, and also the windowbox is a charming touch.

Smith & Vansant Architects PC

This secret fort is over a stairs, which makes use of that which was a very awkward box that surrounds the staircase into the cellar.

LLC, RD Architecture

Access is given by A ladder .

Gabriel TothFejel

Grownups like secret temples also, which is what makes this layout by LabExperiment and Aldea Home for Dining by Design a lot of fun. It shows us how much we can create with cardboard.

Over Thanksgiving and I watched a friend make a fort for his 3-year-old son in the box their brand new TV console arrived in. He did it using an Exacto knife in about 10 minutes. Shortly after he cut a doorway , the astute toddler was inside, ordering up a window and a skylight.

What’s your secret fort like? Please tell us about it below and post a picture if you have one!

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Adding a Tornado of Ribbons with Straightforward Storage Suggestions

Whether you are a crafter, scrapbooker or merely have gift-wrapping ribbons these organizational tips on keeping ribbons can keep your house less cluttered. And the best part is that they are easy and inexpensive ideas that anyone can deal with. You might even be so proud of your ribbon storage which you’re going to want to keep it out on screen!

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Jennifer Bishop Design

Danielle of the Minimoz blog used a plastic storage basket with holes that she can slide wooden dowels through the sides to maintain spools. The holes even acted like a dispenser!

Plastic container with holes wide enough to carry two rows of ribbon spoolsSawWood dowels (measure the holes on your basket to detect the correct diameter for the dowels)Instructions
Measure the side of your basket. Cut two dowels at least two inches longer.Push the initial dowel through a hole at 1 end of the basket.Start threading the ribbons on. When you receive the previous one, stick the dowel through a hole on the opposite end of the basket.Pull the ribbons in the broad side.Repeat with the second dowel.

This idea came to us in the Wrapping Room at the 2011 San Francisco Decorator Showcase. A shower caddy not only organizes but leaves a great screen for your own ribbons and gift tags.

Jennifer Bishop Design

Shannon posted this fantastic idea of utilizing straw holders to store decoration spools on her website, The Wight Family.

She discovered them available for $5 at Bed Bath and Beyond. She trimmed a number of the bigger cardboard reels so as to make them fit from the dispenser.


Painted Large Ribbon Storage Rack – $47

This slender caddy is a superb option to keep ribbons at a cupboard or shelf and then can be readily pulled out when working on your job.

Jennifer Bishop Design

Sue of Creative “try” als came up with this smart way of organizing ribbon after seeing a similar thought done with yarn.


1. Start with a clothespin (it’s possible to find a bag of 50 at a dollar store). Open the clothespin and close it on the end of the ribbon.

2. Loosely wrap ribbon around the clothespin, checking once in a while to be sure you can still open it since you end the ribbon round. Clasp the end of the ribbon at the trap.

3. You are able to save the bunches of ribbon at a box, or for additional cuteness make among those mini hangers to pin the ribbon on so you can hang them near your craft materials. Based upon the size you make the hanger you can fit 4 or 6 inches per hanger.

Peg board is a fantastic idea for organizing ribbons along with all sorts of crafting, wrap and office equipment.

Hydrangea Home

Put ribbons on screen utilizing glass urns, pedestal bowls or any other present containers you’ve got around the house.

Jennifer Bishop Design

A paper-roll holder is a superb way to store larger spools. I discovered this idea obscured by Vera Ciria on a story she’d about a quaint little sewing store named Costura.

Jennifer Bishop Design

Karen in the Buzy Bug Blog shares her recipe for organizing ribbons:
Ribbons (obviously)Mat board (cut into 3 x 2.5″)Rubber bandsJust wrap the ribbon around each matte board and then wrap a rubber band around it to keep the ribbon in place.

Jennifer Bishop Design

Becca of Amazing Paper Grace blog used the same above technique and branded the outside of her drawers with swatches of the colour each area retains.

Becca says “It’s an amazing the amount of decoration one three drawer unit will save! In the picture, 1 drawer can hold 140 rolls of ribbon; this particular unit is storing more than 400 rolls of ribbon! I love this storage since I can pull a drawer or the entire unit and put it on the border of my workspace”


MDF storage Ribbon Reels – $6.79

These mdf boards can be used as an alternative to cutting matte boards for the storage system I discussed above. They have the option to be included on rings.

Jennifer Bishop Design

Another great idea from Amazing Paper Grace. Should you have numerous ribbons that you keep purchasing duplicates, a ribbon swatch book just may be your solution. Becca discusses how this swatch novel goes back and forth from her car to her studio on her website.

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Get the Look: Modern Rustic

There is plain old-fashioned rustic, then there’s modern rustic. The former comes with lots of rough hewn edges, weathered wood, knotty pine, antlers, quilts and exposed timbers. The latter edits the components down to just a few and highlights them by simplifying the rest of the room, perhaps by pairing timbers with barely off-white walls, or letting a single quilt or antler chandelier glow as a focal point. The new comfy is not as cluttered, yet still feels warm, inviting and charming. Here are 10 strategies for upgrading the warm and inviting look.

Savvy Interiors

1. Let one component glow. The wonderful banquette fabric takes center stage against a white backdrop, while demanding textures, a planked ceiling and window lights improve the look as secondary particulars.

Blackburn Architects, PC

2. Use new substances. Contemporary cabinets and counters include modernity into the barn-like inside of this cozy home.

Rauser Design

3. Go to your gloss. Glossy finishes around the ceiling and chairs reflect light and modernize this rustic outside eating area.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

4. Planking is not just for B-list celebs: Shiplap walls, eaves and ceilings increase the rustic cozy appeal, while ticking stripes and light colors keep things updated and clean.

Grace Home Design

5. Trade taxidermy for cruelty-free. This striking painting of a buck is to get the new sort of cabin, where one”shoots only pictures.”

Justine Hand

6. Let the chips fall where they might, however, only off one piece of furniture each room. Let one shabby piece possess the spotlight and maintain everything crisp and tailored. This cabinet adds just the right dose of patina style.

Crisp Architects

This technique works for larger chambers, as seen previously, and smaller chambers like this toilet. Repurposing a classic cabinet into a dressing table adds personality to this toilet.

Sandy Koepke

The same rule applies to soldered pieces, although if you are as good as this designer, then go on and pull in two or three rusty and crusties.

Debbie Dusenberry, aka

7. Use industrial touches. Items like a floor lamp and French cafe stool include mid-century flair into a rustic farmhouse room.

Tim Cuppett Architects

8. Mix the old with the new. New things include a heated towel bar, modern mirror and hat-box bathroom, while old things include the whirlpool bathtub, pine floors and planked walls and ceilings. A simple color palette brings balance to this toilet.

Becky Cunningham Home

9. Never underestimate the ability of barnwood. Reclaimed wood is not only ideal for paneling walls, but also for creating other pieces. This distinctive weathered headboard was crafted from uneven leftover boards.

Webber + Studio, Architects

10. Think apres-ski. . .in the Alps. Those designing chalet-style digs mastered the contemporary rustic aesthetic quite a while ago. There is a European-inspired simplicity that principles these roosts. It highlights the importance of large white fluffy duvets, big beams and most important, a blazing fire in the woodstove or fireplace.

Design Components: Exquisite Reclaimed Wood
Decorating Details: Antlers Branch Out
Design Details: Rustic Beams

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Speedy Hint: Make Use of a Golf Tee to Repair a Door Hinge

If you’ve got a door hinge that’s feeling a bit odds are the screws. Removing a screw could be tricky, but then how can you go about replacing within an present hole? North Carolina based Grainda Builders shared with a smart and quick way to tighten a door hinge without a lot of fuss.

Remove a pair of pliers, either using a screwdriver or the stripped screw. Next, squirt some carpenter’s glue to the hole, then insert the pointed end of a golf tee in, and tap on the tee into position with a hammer.

With a utility knife, cut off the exposed extra part of the golf tee its flush with the doorframe. This will give you a item of substance to drill a new screw into.

Finally, drill a new pilot hole directly into the golf tee and just re-insert the twist through the hinge. The hinge needs to feel a lot more secure and secure.

More quick fixes:
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The Situation for Beautiful Dark Cabinets

Painting my doors black is at the very top of the to-do list, and also the more pictures of black doors I see, the more inspired I am to do it. This is a hot new trend, not just for exterior doors but interior doors too. A reference in a previous ideabook struck a chord with viewers, which prompted this particular ideabook dedicated to painting your doors black. Are you prepared for doors? Have a look at these examples, and tell us in the Comments section.

More black doors in layout

For me, black doors look best when paired with clean whites and light neutrals. You receive a crisp and clean combination that is not expected.

Samuel H. Williamson Associates

Black is not a new idea. When she was mourning the passing of Prince Albert, Queen Victoria ordered doors at the British Empire to be painted black. This had a lot of influence on American homes then and today. We see conventional homes with a black front door and white trimming as timeless Americana.

Holly Marder

Black front doors operate nicely with the white chic interiors. They supply a dash of extreme contrast to Scandinavian-style decoration.

Just a Girl

Just A Girl had a very popular blog article about how to paint your own door black without taking it off the hinges or removing hardware. The secret is Benjamin Moore Ironclad Metal and Wood Enamel in Black 363.

Of course, the right way to paint a door is to first remove the door from its hinges. It is possible to boil the existing hardware to get rid of paint, or upgrade to new hardware. Add an oversize door knocker and a brass kickplate to add a pinch of metallic.

Jennifer Grey Interiors Design & Color Specialist

Provided that you have your black paint outside for the door, why not use it to your furniture in need of refurbishment? An old necklace takes on a modern look as a result of a coat of strong black paint. The black door, black blouse as console and black accessories in the kind of boot tray and coat hook on a creamy beige background come together beautifully for a New Conventional appearance.

Carla Aston | Interior Designer

If you’re thinking about painting a solid door black due to how dark it might make your room, the frames of a French door really are a fantastic place to get started. You still get that touch of classic black, however, the glass panels will allow plenty of light to filter in. Pair them with wispy white curtains for a stunning view.

Dawna Jones Design

A black door black complements black cabinetry, joining a room together in a sleek appearance.

More on black cabinets

Palmerston Design Consultants

Do you have a black vanity cupboard and a black tub? You are almost required to paint the bathroom door black. Paired with white marble or subway tile, it’s perfection. Notice how the dashes of yellow at the painting and at the flowers infuse energy into the room.

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc..

Black doors framed in glowing white trim add extra punch. The idea of using this handsome application with black-and-white patterned wallpaper speaks to the boldness of the homeowner.

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc..

I like the glossy black finish with this particular door accented by black ceiling pendant, table lamps, and furniture.

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

Employing a black door on a black wall is catchy. Herea black door with black trim is intended to disappear in the wall, and also white furniture and vibrant textiles in the room make it operate.

Can you paint your doors black? Please show us below!

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Sterile Start: Fresh-Faced White Planking

There’s something irresistible about the possibilities which lie in big, white, walls that are open. They guarantee a new design beginning, a blank canvas that invites you to plumb your own imagination. Yet with no note of feel, they can occasionally seem sterile and dull.

Here is one solution that I adore: white-painted planking, that adds depth and definition, yet preserves that pure, pristine allure. One of the greatest layout chameleons, it swings between classic, cabin and contemporary effortlessly.

Jeanette Lunde

This photo feels like a deep, calming breath of air. A handful of well-chosen furnishings and colors seem to float against that beautiful white background.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

Tall ceilings and plank-clad walls add a cathedral-like serenity for this dining and living room.

Tracery Interiors

Look at the beautiful interplay of curves and lines here. The strong vertical and horizontal planes are counterbalanced by the gentle curve of the planked walls which frame the stairwell.

Webber + Studio, Architects

Can you imagine a more serene spot to start your morning or float off at day’s end? Proof that minimal doesn’t mean dull, the powerful lines of this mattress and detailing on the night table add just enough significance to this distance.

The Lettered Cottage

Following is a lesson in adopting imperfection. The clapboard walls in this bedroom are somewhat flawed, and that is what causes them to work. It is just the right setting for the diverse art collection clustered together.

Robert Young Architects

Wall planks create a warm, cozy antidote to the hard surfaces and sharp corners in this bathroom.

Rough Linen

Rough-hewn beams and vintage beams bring out planking’s rustic side.

Woodmeister Master Builders

White clapboards are a custom for beach houses, and this airy bedroom feels just right. I can almost smell the salt air blowing through the window sheers.

Bosworth Hoedemaker

Engineered wood satisfies crisp planks for a cozy, serene setting. The towel rack and tub add interval flavor that plays up the planking’s old-fashioned feel.

Justine Hand

We’ve said it before, and we’re going to say it once again: Good design is in the details. Notice the smart way these kitchen drawers continue the lines of the clapboard walls. What a fantastic touch!

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Glue Bright Color from the Kitchen

Many of the most well-known kitchens nowadays are bathed in white, highlighted only by grey veins in tasteful marble and a few glints of metal on hardware and appliances (see some stunning examples ). While such kitchens are dreamy, they might not be sensible for your lifestyle.

If you are craving some cheery colour in your kitchen, then take a look. There are a number of levels of devotion; here’s the way to provide colour a try in temporary ways followed by more permanent moves.

Dallas Renovation Group

Try it out: This red island indicates a semipermanent devotion to the hue. However, if a grim mood should strike the homeowner, then it might be repainted without a lot of trouble.

Commit: These glossy red cabinets produce a bold swath of colour and a solid accent wall.

Visbeen Architects

Try it out: Thinking about orange at the kitchen but not sure? Try out a few orange throw cushions, dishtowels or other tiny accents to find out whether you like it.

Mark English Architects, AIA

Commit: Shiny orange lacquer adds a spice to the modern kitchen.

Tara Seawright Interior Design

Try out it :This yellowish ceiling lightens up a kitchen that doesn’t get much natural light.

Beckwith Interiors

Commit:Counters aren’t easy to replace, so you need to know you love this bright yellow color before you use it for your countertops.

NOA Architecture Planning Interiors

Try out it :A bright apple green makes an effect on an accent wall. And paint is rather simple to switch down the street.

See the way the homeowner committed to this colour through the whole condo.

Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly, Inc. (CKD, CBD, CR)

Commit:Countertops and backsplash tiles revolve round a bold shade of green . Paint and vibrant dining chairs layer in even more green into the kitchen.

CapeRace Cultural Adventures

Try out it :In Newfoundland, Canada, winters are very long, and it gets dark very early; bright turquoise paint in the kitchen is an antidote to the winter blues.

Dan Waibel Designer Builder

Commit: Vibrant Rain picked up from the backsplash tiles is continued on the cabinets, providing this particular kitchen a South Beach Deco style.

Visbeen Architects

Try out it :Painting one cabinet indigo will let you know whether you would like to paint the rest of them the same colour or keep them whitened.

Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd..

Commit: A butler’s pantry is the perfect place for floor-to-ceiling saturation.

Olga Adler

Try out it :This violet is so lively that a dollop of it on the island seems to be plenty.

Story & Space – Interior Design and Color Guidance

Commit:A backsplash is not easy or inexpensive to replace, therefore this vibrant tile shows lavender some extreme love.

Try out it :Bring in floral arrangements to test out a hue; this is the smallest amount of commitment you can make.

Mal Corboy Design

Commit: You have to know you love bubble gum before this amount of commitment. However, the payoff is big; it’s striking and unique.

Check out another fabulous candy pink kitchen by precisely the same designer.

High-Contrast Kitchens for Every Design
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Looking for a Bold New Furniture Arrangement? Super-Size It

If you are fortunate enough to have a large room or even when you just want your average size room to feel much more striking, super-sizing your accessories or furniture is a fantastic way to add grandeur and crank up the comfy element in your own space. Many oversize furniture pieces are extremely comfortable and practical, while larger accessories can fill an empty corner or wall. The lesson here? Think big!

Elad Gonen

This tufted, super-sized ottoman can serve as a dining table, extra seating and just a place to sleep. This large piece could be just what you need if you are having house guests for the holiday season.


If you enjoy reading or using your laptop in bed, then a tall upholstered headboard is in order. You will have the ability to sit comfortably for hours. (you may locate some tall headboards here.)

Fowler Interiors

If you’ve got multiple chairs or sofas in your room, a large coffee table may anchor the seating space and bring the entire space together.

Lisa Benbow – Designs

Oversized artwork is a wonderful way to fill wall space without including visual clutter. Select a piece that ties into your color scheme so that the room will feel harmonious. Allposters is among my favourite websites for sourcing cheap wall artwork.

Cathleen Gouveia Design

To give your room an element of surprise, think about a life-sized sculpture. You may pick from metal, wood or ceramic based on the type of your room. A piece like this will offer your space big dose of drama.


A set of high lighting pendants gives this eating place a very dramatic texture. The fittings are with all wingback chairs and the massive mirror. The designer’s selection of black accentuates the drama while at the same time including a sense of elegance.

Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

If you are like me, then your kitchen table will double (and triple) duty! Besides everyday meals, a large dining table can certainly handle crafting, homework, work assignments and also extra dinner guests.


Pavoncello Rotunda, 3-Piece Round Sectional – $4,599

Got space? If you’ve got a large living room or cellar, a super-sized sectional provides a lot of cozy chairs. This piece includes three segments, which provides much flexibility if you need to rearrange seating for special occasions.

Notice why a curved sofa is logical.

Eclectic Mirrors – GBP 375

A large mirror reflects light and produces an open, airy texture. Think beyond the box when choosing a mirror. You will add more attention to your space by foregoing a conventional mirror and deciding upon a more decorative one, like this hexagon style.

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Architect’s Toolbox: Scale and Proportion
High Style: Extra-Tall Headboards
Bright Light, Big Lantern
Remake a Room With One Big Piece

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Daylight Saving Time: Gain an Hour — along with a Bright Interior

Upon waking up this Sunday, a lot of us will probably be greeted with an extra hour of morning sunshine due to the ending of Daylight Saving Time. While that is much appreciated in the early hours, it means the sun starts setting earlier at night, leaving everything somewhat darker than we’re utilized to in the summertime. Have no fear: the literal darkness does not mean your interiors need to follow suit. There are plenty of tricks to brighten your space, mostly through color, accessories and a possibly a mirror here and there. If you are feeling somewhat in the dark this season, check out the following shots to brighten your outlook.

More: Just a Little Sparkle, a Tiny Shine

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc..

While many shudder with the thought of white walls, they can really work to your advantage when seeking to maintain a room bright. Maintain your room from appearing overly monotone by accenting the walls with pieces that pop, like this gorgeous navy sofa.

Laidlaw Schultz architects

If you like the appearance, go as white as possible with the two walls and furniture. However dark it is outside, this room will always feel bright. All-white rooms can feel stark; avert it by incorporating feel, like this oriental rug.

For Folks design

White furniture adds brightness, also. Consider creating a white landscape by selecting your overriding pieces of furniture in white, like this desk and credenza. Accent them with bright colors to make a fresh, inviting appeal.

Niki Papadopoulos

If you just can’t settle for all white walls, consider painting the trim beige and white it with daring colors, similar to this magenta. The complement of a strong color against the white won’t only brighten your distance, but also make it feel extra sharp and contemporary.

Chris Snook

Or, consider the use of color blocks. Your area will feel light and bright with all the white wall, while the purple color block adds visual attention through a daring inclusion of color.

RLH Studio

Paint your walls skies blue. It brings the outside , so even on those dark evenings, you will feel as if you’re experiencing a sunny summer day in the yard. Grass-green furniture completes the look.

Cathy Schwabe Architecture

Neutral doors could have worked within this area, but the daring yellow gives the room bright, unexpected personality.

Philpotts Interiors

A periwinkle daybed provides this room a vivid focus.

Artistic Designs for Living, Tineke Triggs

If you want a room to visually pop, consider the ceiling. Painting it a bold magenta makes it feel cheery and chic, regardless of whether the sun has set.

Nic Darling

Have a rather neutral kitchen that feels awful in winter? Insert brightness with a set of seats finished in vibrant upholstery, like the beautiful Mademoiselle Chair by Kartell.


Art is among the greatest strategies to inject a sense of brightness in your space. Start looking for something full of color to create your walls come alive. Check websites like Etsy, 20×200, and Houzz for beautiful pieces to meet your budget.

Jarlath Mellett

I know, I know, you’ve heard this a thousand times, but I’m going to state it again. Mirrors are each interior’s greatest buddy. Not only can they look amazing hung on the wall and also piled in vignettes, they also reflect light, including a luminous brightness to each space.

Jamie Herzlinger

Maintain small spaces bright, and also help it feel larger, with a gorgeous mosaic mirror wall. There’ll be no sense of the dark-day-doldrums in here!

Laurie Gorelick Interiors

Brighten your area with silver background with a hint of shimmer. It’s contemporary and stylish and will become glowing under candlelight once the sun retires.

More ways to get the shine:
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