The best way to Use Sulphate of Iron to Eliminate Moss

The existence of moss in your garden signifies bad conditions for grass. Moss grows where there’s shade or accumulation or where grass can not endure, including poor soil soil which is compacted or drains badly. Sulphate of iron, also called ferrous sulphate or iron sulphate, used in springtime or winter kills moss. Rake it free using a garden rake subsequent to the moss turns brown and eliminate it from your lawn.

Mix 3 ounces sulphate of iron. Five gallons of sulphate of iron handles 1000 square-feet. Take precautions when mixing the sulphate of iron as sulphate of iron stains wood, concrete and other non-natural components, with water.

Pour the sulphate of iron remedy backpack sprayer or watering can for program to the garden. Pump-type sprayers perform best for areas that are big, but places that are little may be watered using a shower spout.

Shower or spray moss with sulphate of iron remedy, wetting it carefully. Avoid sidewalks, patios, garden furniture or alternative non-natural products. When used in the suggested price, sulphate of iron WOn’t damage grass. However, assume grass without accelerating its rate of progress to become green.

Wait three to four times for the moss and turn brown. Use a garden rake to loosen the moss and eliminate it from your lawn.

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