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Girly Modern Bedrooms Delight Three Young Sisters

Many tweens don’t need a space that feels like Mom and Dad’s, but enabling them to indulge in their decorating dreams could be somewhat scary. Interior designer Beth Keim of both Lucy and Company encountered this problem when a Charlotte, North Carolina, customer wanted to decorate her three daughters’ bedrooms. However, by using quality furniture, […]

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Dreamy Clean Kids' Rooms

For all those of you who aren’t certain where to start when spring cleaning your kids’ rooms — maybe you can not even find their rooms beneath all the mess — we’ve devised a thorough list that leaves no pillow unturned. Shoo the kids outdoors, open the windows and turn some high-energy music. Let’s get […]

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For the Kids: Crucial Forts Inside

Children spend a lot more time indoors this time of year, and they need their own space. My brother and I left our own secret fort beneath our basement’s staircase when we were children. All it required was a carpet remnant on the floor, a lot of paint to decorate the backs of their risers […]

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