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Garden Design Essentials: Texture

At least 2 of those senses come into play when you bring texture to the landscape: touchand sight. Marjorie Elliott Bevlin composed in Design Through Discovery: The Elements and Principles, “Textures are so much part of our environment we generally take them for granted.” Nothing can be truer in the outdoor world. Everything from sleek, […]

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16 Astonishing House Pools

It’s tough to overcome on a tropical escape’s resort pool that is luxury. Whole with lounge chairs, water, sun as well as a cocktail or 2, it’s of resting escapes the prototype. Wouldn’t it be wonderful in the event that you were able to reproduce that feeling in your backyard? It’s been wet in Chicago, […]

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10 Techniques to Bedeck Your Deck

Whether you are about to put in a deck to your house or are simply feeling like yours is a bit ho hum, there are a lot of moves which will allow you to take advantage of the outside space. In the event that you are starting from scratch, facilitate the transition from inside to […]

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