The best way to Cut Lettuce Therefore It Keeps Growing

Leaf lettuce grows well in climates with cool-weather, especially in home gardens. Lettuce can be usually grown by cool locations all the year. Fall planting and spring is most useful for hotter inland locations with warm summer temperatures. As the leaves develop independently in the crown, leaf lettuce is effective with the cut-and-come-again approach. While leaving the plant to carry on creating lettuce leaves this method lets you cut the quantity of lettuce you require.

Wipe a pair of scissors to remove any dirt or particles. This minimizes contamination of the lettuce safeguards the plant that continues expanding and leaves you are harvesting.

Cut the lettuce leaves about 1-inch over the crown. Therefore the lettuce proceeds expanding this shields the crown. When the leaves reach between 3 and 6″ cut off the quantity of lettuce required.

Water the lettuce frequently to motivate progress that is ongoing even when you start harvesting. Look for soil that is moist but prevent extremely saturated soil or water. The water also helps discourage bolting, meaning the plant goes to seed, to provide time to develop lettuce leaves that are extra to the plant.

Remove the heart of the lettuce plant that starts developing tall prior to bolting. So that you’re in a position to harvest leaves prior to the lettuce plants go to seed, you will slow the method.

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