Looking for a Bold New Furniture Arrangement? Super-Size It

If you are fortunate enough to have a large room or even when you just want your average size room to feel much more striking, super-sizing your accessories or furniture is a fantastic way to add grandeur and crank up the comfy element in your own space. Many oversize furniture pieces are extremely comfortable and practical, while larger accessories can fill an empty corner or wall. The lesson here? Think big!

Elad Gonen

This tufted, super-sized ottoman can serve as a dining table, extra seating and just a place to sleep. This large piece could be just what you need if you are having house guests for the holiday season.


If you enjoy reading or using your laptop in bed, then a tall upholstered headboard is in order. You will have the ability to sit comfortably for hours. (you may locate some tall headboards here.)

Fowler Interiors

If you’ve got multiple chairs or sofas in your room, a large coffee table may anchor the seating space and bring the entire space together.

Lisa Benbow – Designs

Oversized artwork is a wonderful way to fill wall space without including visual clutter. Select a piece that ties into your color scheme so that the room will feel harmonious. Allposters is among my favourite websites for sourcing cheap wall artwork.

Cathleen Gouveia Design

To give your room an element of surprise, think about a life-sized sculpture. You may pick from metal, wood or ceramic based on the type of your room. A piece like this will offer your space big dose of drama.


A set of high lighting pendants gives this eating place a very dramatic texture. The fittings are with all wingback chairs and the massive mirror. The designer’s selection of black accentuates the drama while at the same time including a sense of elegance.

Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

If you are like me, then your kitchen table will double (and triple) duty! Besides everyday meals, a large dining table can certainly handle crafting, homework, work assignments and also extra dinner guests.


Pavoncello Rotunda, 3-Piece Round Sectional – $4,599

Got space? If you’ve got a large living room or cellar, a super-sized sectional provides a lot of cozy chairs. This piece includes three segments, which provides much flexibility if you need to rearrange seating for special occasions.

Notice why a curved sofa is logical.

Eclectic Mirrors – GBP 375

A large mirror reflects light and produces an open, airy texture. Think beyond the box when choosing a mirror. You will add more attention to your space by foregoing a conventional mirror and deciding upon a more decorative one, like this hexagon style.

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