Glue Bright Color from the Kitchen

Many of the most well-known kitchens nowadays are bathed in white, highlighted only by grey veins in tasteful marble and a few glints of metal on hardware and appliances (see some stunning examples ). While such kitchens are dreamy, they might not be sensible for your lifestyle.

If you are craving some cheery colour in your kitchen, then take a look. There are a number of levels of devotion; here’s the way to provide colour a try in temporary ways followed by more permanent moves.

Dallas Renovation Group

Try it out: This red island indicates a semipermanent devotion to the hue. However, if a grim mood should strike the homeowner, then it might be repainted without a lot of trouble.

Commit: These glossy red cabinets produce a bold swath of colour and a solid accent wall.

Visbeen Architects

Try it out: Thinking about orange at the kitchen but not sure? Try out a few orange throw cushions, dishtowels or other tiny accents to find out whether you like it.

Mark English Architects, AIA

Commit: Shiny orange lacquer adds a spice to the modern kitchen.

Tara Seawright Interior Design

Try out it :This yellowish ceiling lightens up a kitchen that doesn’t get much natural light.

Beckwith Interiors

Commit:Counters aren’t easy to replace, so you need to know you love this bright yellow color before you use it for your countertops.

NOA Architecture Planning Interiors

Try out it :A bright apple green makes an effect on an accent wall. And paint is rather simple to switch down the street.

See the way the homeowner committed to this colour through the whole condo.

Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly, Inc. (CKD, CBD, CR)

Commit:Countertops and backsplash tiles revolve round a bold shade of green . Paint and vibrant dining chairs layer in even more green into the kitchen.

CapeRace Cultural Adventures

Try out it :In Newfoundland, Canada, winters are very long, and it gets dark very early; bright turquoise paint in the kitchen is an antidote to the winter blues.

Dan Waibel Designer Builder

Commit: Vibrant Rain picked up from the backsplash tiles is continued on the cabinets, providing this particular kitchen a South Beach Deco style.

Visbeen Architects

Try out it :Painting one cabinet indigo will let you know whether you would like to paint the rest of them the same colour or keep them whitened.

Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd..

Commit: A butler’s pantry is the perfect place for floor-to-ceiling saturation.

Olga Adler

Try out it :This violet is so lively that a dollop of it on the island seems to be plenty.

Story & Space – Interior Design and Color Guidance

Commit:A backsplash is not easy or inexpensive to replace, therefore this vibrant tile shows lavender some extreme love.

Try out it :Bring in floral arrangements to test out a hue; this is the smallest amount of commitment you can make.

Mal Corboy Design

Commit: You have to know you love bubble gum before this amount of commitment. However, the payoff is big; it’s striking and unique.

Check out another fabulous candy pink kitchen by precisely the same designer.

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