From Perching on Light Fixtures the best way to Stop Birds

Outdoor light fixtures provide illumination walking from trespassing in your property and deter criminals or committing acts of burglary. However, birds who enjoy perching on the fixtures are also attracted by your light fixtures. These guests often abandon messes that are ugly and unwanted near the fixtures. Keeping birds off your outside light fixtures needs a long time of checks and of energy to make sure the birds avoid.

Place a tough item on the very top of your fixture where the birds typically sit. The tough item could be broken pottery chicken-wire or an block of wood-cut in a zig-zag pattern. Mount the item that is tough to the fixture using a leather strap, wall-mounting putty or string.

Mount chicken spikes onto the fixture. Spikes get in the chicken way of sitting on or sitting on the fixture. Select chicken spikes that match the colour of the light fixture. Tie, glue or screw the spikes in to location.

Mount a owl near-by to deter birds out of your fixture. Owls are birds that eat birds. When they are able to see what seems to be an owl while they have been perching on the fixture, the fixture will be avoided by your birds.

Hang a set of windchimes in the underside of the fixture. The regular clanging of the chimes could be sufficient to annoy the birds from sitting in your fixture, and deter them.

Play recordings of animals and birds including owls, falcons or coyotes or appears like fireworks on a sound device. You might need to use the sound device for a number of days before your fixtures are associated by the birds using the frightening noises.

Allow a cat to relaxation as feasible as in your porch or to sit in the window close to the light fixture. The sight of a cat might be sufficient to repel the birds.

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