Fund Your Home Product Idea With Kickstarter

Where do good ideas come from? More important, where do they move? People have good home design ideas all of the time. But most of the most newest ideas can not be bought at the store.

Perhaps you have had a brilliant idea and thought, “I wish somebody would sell this”? Here is another thought: “Why don’t you promote it?”

The problem is, in order to sell something, you have to make it. You need billing, online shopping cart software, and a site. You have to know how to build it and examine it. And for that, you need money.

If you had the money, you could start a new business, employ the experience you need, prepare the infrastructure for selling and move into business for yourself sharing your thought with the world. If you had the money.

I have good news for you: If you’ve got a really good idea, you can get the money.


Here Comes Kickstarter

Kickstarter is a web site that can help you raise money for creative small business ideas through audience sourcing. This way of fundraising enables would-be entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to the public on the Kickstarter site. And the people can “invest.”

Those seeking support generally provide various levels of contribution and list what contributors get in return. For example, if someone is writing a novel, a $5 donation might have them mentioned in the publication, a $20 donation could get them a free publication, and a $50 donation might earn them a free book signed by the author.

As part of this pitch, entrepreneurs set a fundraising target and a deadline for accomplishing it. If they fail to get to the goal, all of the donors get their money back.

Some reach the goal, some don’t. Some who successfully reach their fundraising target fail to launch a successful item. But a few succeed brilliantly.

For example, a graduating design pupil has come up with new suggestions for using computer design tools and laser beams to make computer-designed ceramics. He also set a goal to raise $3,200 and surpassed that target. Now he’s in business.

Spheres Tray – $40

Wide-Open Opportunity for Product Designers

“Less a tech website, more a sociocultural movement, Kickstarter is changing how we make things, how we turn dreams into reality and make ideas come to life,” says tech guru Om Malik.

The home design community has been slow to embrace Kickstarter. The jobs have a tendency to prefer media-based notions like documentary movies, novels and comic books in addition to good old-fashioned useful inventions. This presents an opportunity for home product designers.

Why? Because Kickstarter proposals have to be approved by the owners of the website, then funded by the public. Some kinds of notions have reached a saturation point, reducing the likelihood of new jobs in precisely the exact same category getting approved or funded. But the home design ideas are likely to have a higher prospect of success because there are relatively few proposed.

A Chance to Be First

Kickstarter is a fantastic resource for fresh ideas for your home and also a supply for one-of-a-kind home design elements. The main reason is that a project is unlikely to even be approved by owners of this website unless it is really a new idea.

One of the advantages of funding design jobs is that you frequently get first crack at owning the goods — often months in advance. Sometimes creative entrepreneurs even provide donors with exceptional versions of the product.

You also get the satisfaction of helping bring new works into existence. Your cosmetic piece or fresh design component comes with a story, because you’ve followed the creators through the practice of raising money, making their operation and transport the item.

One recently posted Kickstarter project has been proposed by a guy who makes furniture in Maine. His idea is to draw whimsical items with crayons or sidewalk chalk, then assemble the items with reclaimed lumber and nontoxic finishes while retaining a childlike, hand-drawn look. This child’s writing desk is the reward for a pledge of $475.

You can not (yet) purchase these in any store.

South Island Horses Print – $25

Funding Your Dream

Sometimes the only way to make your fantasy a reality is to talk about it with others — for a price. For example, one photographer’s fantasy was to spend a month travel through New Zealand and photographing landscapes. So he quit his job, left his loved ones and friends and left it happen.

He would really like to turn his very best pictures into large, ultra-high-quality prints to hang in his property. So to finance that portion of this fantasy, he turned to Kickstarter. By selling his prints to others (and giving them to supporters that vow), he’s able to finance his dream.

This is a perfect model for a huge number of potential jobs that would otherwise never happen for lack of funding.

What’s your fantasy? All you need is an excellent idea and the will to make it happen.

Day Maker Alarm Clock – $100

Following is a fantastic thought: an alarm clock that works just like a toaster (your own iPhone resembles the toast). You set the alarm clock on the phone as you normally would, insert the phone into the “toaster,” and press. When it is time to get up, the phone pops up and the alarm clock goes off. It is not rocket science, only an attractive and totally original thought.

Following is a wonderful thought: a coat rack with a round minicubby for placing keys, sunglasses or anything. It keeps a individual’s random stuff with the coat. You might have seen this successful project here on , however it began as a Kickstarter project.

And following is a timely thought: a cheap, environmentally friendly wall clock made of recycled chipboard.

Each of the ideas is a person’s fantasy made real by crowd-sourced investment. And each of these is seeking to make new new products that you can purchase for your own home.

Kickstarter is an underappreciated source for creating home design dreams a reality. It is a great place to find really innovative, original and beautiful items for your property. And it is an even better spot to turn your home design ideas into a small business.

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