Guest Picks: Wooden Whimsy

Don’t you just love when lovely design and perform intersect? I’m always watching out for gorgeous toys and kids room decoration which both seem amazing and spark creativity. These wooden, whimsical wonders fit the bill. — Heather out of Cool Progeny

Enchanted Tree – $350

Enchanted Trees out of Cocoon Couture are the epitome of whimsical. And they are downright gorgeous. My favourite feature is that the silk-screened leaves.


Woodland Memory Game – $32

My small Bug is actually into memory games at this time, and this Woodland Memory Game from DwellStudio are a certain hit.

Kyle Bean

Wooden iPhone by Kyle Bean

This wooden iPhone is brilliant.


Hippo Clock – $68

Eco-friendly bamboo leaves this whimsical clock ideal for nurseries and toddlers’ rooms. I just love it!

Layout Artist Shawn Soh

Tree Bookshelf – $1,651.67

The only word for this is”tree-mendous.” It’s sculptural artwork right in your kids’ bedroom — and it is practical too. Shawn Soh did a gorgeous job designing this.

MoMA Store

Playable Art Ball – $30

Is it DNA or artwork? The Playable Art Ball made by Bernd Liebert is just fun-tastic. I believe that this might be a fab idea for a toy to bring in the car also — no mess!


Tree Lamp – EUR 65

Does your little princess have a”fairy garden” sack like mine does? This would be adorable on the wall.

Troll Doll Stroller – $235

Toys necessarily wind up as fittings in my family room, so I love ones which are superbly designed and durable. This tiny stroller is gorgeous and destined to continue.


Aqua Owl Frame – $40

Whooooo doesn’t love a fun, amazing and brightly colored framework? This one is perfection.


PlayShapes 74 Wooden Blocks – GBP 79

Playshapes are too fun! This is the sort of toy you don’t mind having out on your shelf. Heck, you may even pick this one up and play.


Caballito Kits

This is the rocking horse, re-envisioned. My daughter would like that.


Fishing Play Set – $35

Go fish! Soopsori toys also have made it effortless for mini-sized palms to fish where you’re. I believe the curved corners make this ideal for gifting too.

MoMA Store

Interesting Time Wall Clock – $345

This is seriously adorable. And you can create your own wall clock production.


Dinosaur Story Box by Arks and Animals – $69

What resembles a wooden dinosaur toy is genuinely a storage container that is full of figurines to create a habitat. Inspiration for fun stored in a gorgeous container? I’m in.

Wishbone Design Studio

Wishbone Flip Ride-on Rocking Toy – $149

I have a small home, so multipurpose toys rating high in my book. The Wishbone Flip Bike is a rocker and a ride-on — and of course produced from 100 percent reforested birch plywood. That is triple bonus things, right?


Leading Villa

Liliane brings the dollhouse to the next level, literally. This gem is created for 30-centimeter dolls (or dolls which are roughly 1 foot long). It’s such a fun idea, and I’m particularly fond of all of the open space. It’s ideal for play.

Learning Materials Workshop

Coloraturo – $75

This simple notion has tons of style. I love these blocks designed by Karen Hewitt and produced by the Learning Materials Workshop. From the colours to the two- and three-dimensional possibilities, I’m intrigued because this collection won’t take up a whole lot of space and would look great on the shelf.

Kaja Osholm Kjølås

Buskas Klatretre

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you; it is in fact a scaling tree. Art meets toddler/preschool fun-ctionality. It brings a whole new meaning to”climbing the walls.”


Leaf Swing Carved in Solid Wood – EUR 600

Do you believe I could place this in my living area? I’ve dropped like with this wooden leaf swing made from Cerejeira timber. Created by EnEssentia, this nature-inspired piece is structured for play however made for trendy adults.

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