Meet Your Get-Fit Goals Having a Dual-Use Gym

Now that it’s several weeks to the new year, it is time to reevaluate that get-healthy New Year’s resolution. How’s it really? If you are like the rest of us, it may already be a forgotten promise, but that’s OK. You still have loads of time to jump back on that bandwagon.

If you are lacking inspiration (and many of us are), make exercising fun and convenient by dividing out a gym space at home. Although full-blown home gyms often mean dramatic mirrored walls, big-screen TVs, a vast array of equipment and weights, along with a hefty price tag, they aren’t the only alternative. Double-duty gyms are a sensible alternative; they offer the ease of exercising at home without requiring a ton of space or an extravagant budget. In fact, all you want to work out is an office, a playroom or a living room corner plus a few carefully chosen exercise equipment. With a little space and some organization, it is possible to turn any space — even a toilet — into your workout haven.

Check out some of these dual-purpose gyms for proof, and get going — no more explanations.

Martha Angus Inc..

If you are a busy parent, then make exercising more convenient by combining a playroom and home gym. You are able to exercise here if the children are at school, or you can all work together — you in your own machine and the small ones at their built-in children’ station.

Susan Diana Harris Interior Design

A home office makes for the great double-duty gym since it generally isn’t in use 24 hours a day. Just add one piece of equipment, one you know you like, and voilĂ  — you have a quiet and practical workout space.

With its typically big, open floor plan, a cellar is a wonderful spot to set up store. Positioned next to the staircase, this space-efficient gym employs an elevated platform to help split the massive room without any constricting walls.

Elements by Durcon

This residence office and gym combo is organization at its best. Packed to the brim with built-ins, it has lots of space for desk equipment, workout equipment and even a mini fridge to home water bottles and sports beverages. With this kind of room, lack of motivation won’t be a issue.

Peregrine Design Build

Inside this playroom–home gym, built in toy storage and workout equipment are stacked against the walls, which leaves lots of room in the center for children to play for anybody to exercise. The built-in bookcase helps separate one side from the other.

Your Favorite Room From Cathy Zaeske

Sometimes you simply need a well-placed piece of equipment. Positioned behind the couch, this treadmill stays out of the activity but still allows for some TV watching to help pass the time.

Pamela J. Jenkins Architect P.C.

This attic-style game room is the perfect place to get a good, hard work. To make sure there is lots of room for that intense ping-pong match in a setup like this, fold the treadmill up after each use.

Mary Prince Photography

If space is an issue, opt for a tiny stationary bike rather than a treadmill. This bulky item of equipment will fit into a corner and isn’t an eyesore in this traditional office.

Yes, toilet–home gym combos are admittedly not that ordinary. When you think about it, however, it makes great sense: After a tough work, you can jump directly to a warm, relaxing bath.

RD Architecture, LLC

Create an all-about-me space by combining your crafts space and home gym. Although this room isn’t huge, the built in desk and sparse furniture leave lots of space to get a treadmill and yoga mat.

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