New Classics: Vilac's Ride On Classic Vehicle

There are not a great deal of toys out there that parents enjoy watching left out in the center of the living area. However, the Ride On Classic Car is one they will probably continue screen long after their kids have outgrown it. The car is made in France by Vilac, a business which maufactures creative and aesthetically pleasing toys. It’s so beautifully designed that it has become a popular among architects, designers and photo stylists alike … and I almost forgot: The two- to 4-year-olds who really push themselves along onto it love it as well.

Alex and Alexa

Vilac Ride On Classic Automobile, Red – $159

The tiny metallic car comes in steel grey, shiny red and yellow, with a few printed on either side.

John Lum Architecture, Inc.. AIA

While this minimalist room is beautifully designed, it is the tiny toy car that draws the eye. This picture is a great lesson in photo styling and composition. Examine the car’s placement. It’s just past the corner of this area rug, close to the middle of this composition, and it makes us appreciate the inside of the room in addition to the view through the windows.

Noha Hassan Designs

This is one of these rare items that has vintage charm but nevertheless has a contemporary sense. It fits into this contemporary urban home.

The car’s layout relies on racecars of the 1920s. The chair resembles classic caramel leather in the space, but it is made of sturdy plastic. The metal steering wheel is easy for little hands to maneuver.

Grace Home Design

More proof that photo stylists adore this car: This photograph is in the exact same home as the previous photograph.

Sarah Greenman


The steel version seems to be the most popular — perhaps because there’s a good possibility the color will fit into almost any area the kids park the car in.

Ride On Race Car, Yellow – $165

By the way, in all this talk of aesthetics, I forgot to say this is first and foremost a fun toy for tots to scoot about on inside and out. I cannot guarantee it won’t scuff up your walls.

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