Rooms Reign Supreme With Roman Shades

The Roman color is a lined or unlined amount of drapery fabric sewn to inner rings for operability. When drawn to the vertical position, a Roman color creates a string of concentrated folds. Whether used in conjunction with a different window treatment or left by itself, these flexible colors have reigned supreme for a long time, accommodating everyone’s personal design style, from shabby-chic and conventional all the way to modern. Have a peek at some of my favorite uses to see if any could be an opportunity within your interior spaces.

Munger Interiors

Relaxed, Banded Roman Shade

This version of the classic Roman shade is known as relaxed as the underside sags. The applied fabric banding seems to be a component of construction but is just a detail.

Style suggestion: Set a design emphasis in your shade by adding a vertical ring in a contrasting colour and texture.

Hendel Homes

Arched Roman Color

The perfect solution for an arched window is an arched Roman shade. The inner mechanisms (rings) are inset far in the edges to make “tails” for high visual attention on the sides.

Design suggestion: Coordinate the cloth to your kitchen window treatment with the colors and design of your backsplash. It is a terrific way to create design cohesion.

Anna Lattimore Interior Design

Roman Shade With a Valance

These streamlined, classic Roman shades are all put under matching box-pleated valances, which can be in reality attached.

Design tip: Considering these colors are mounted onto the outside of this window frame, it is possible to raise up them to make the window look taller than it really is.

Robin Muto

Matchy-Matchy Roman Color

Utilize the specific same cloth from the window therapy around the bed’s headboard and footboard as well as on the pillow of the window seat. It is a fun and vibrant way to style a little girl’s room.

Style suggestion: Cut fabric prices by making everything from bedsheets, because the girl will soon become a teenager. I do it for my customers all the time.

Giannetti Home

Burlap Roman Shade

Burlap is a perfect low-cost fabric to produce a Roman shade from for your craft space.

Style suggestion: Save money by creating your Roman shade nonoperable for rooms where the funding is tight. This window therapy could easily just be a valance but has the sophistication of a Roman shade.

Stonebreaker Builders & Remodelers

Masculine Roman Shade

Flexible for any room, this comfy Roman shade is manly sufficient for “his” den but nevertheless shows personality.

Design suggestion: Utilize exactly the exact same cloth of this Roman shade for adjoining draperies to tie the whole room together. He will be so happy you did.

Kevin Malone

Embellished Roman Color

No window in any powder room is complete without interjecting a level of opulence for all your guests to relish. This comfy Roman shade has fringe, a monogram plus a top button close that do the trick.

Design suggestion: Install the Roman color all the way to the peak of the ceiling for additional chic flair.

Kathy Bloodworth Interior Design

Romantic Roman Color

Traveling back in time to the Victorian age with this stylized, relaxed Roman, also referred to as a London shade. It is a perfect match to any boudoir.

Design tip: For that extra-full look, pick a fabric that is thicker than conventional drapery fabric. A satin-sheen finish will also play an energetic role.

Lizette Marie Interior Design

Modern Roman Shade

Produce a stunning modern inside with a very streamlined Roman shade in a high-contrast black and white geometric pattern.

Design suggestion: select a fabric that’s more like artwork than like cloth and there’ll be no demand for artwork in your walls.

Layered Roman Color

This really is the best illustration of how it is possible to layer your Roman color under functioning coordinating drapery panels. High design is achieved by the fringe in the base of the color and the rod near the peak of this draperies.

Style suggestion: Layering your window treatments enable you to block more light — great for people who are easily awoken by sun.

Roman Color With Wall Covering

“Wow” is exactly what you get when you pair your high-powered Roman shade with a matching tight wall covering. Some say that it is not done until it is overdone!

Style suggestion: Align the wall covering precisely with the cloth of this shade, and when the color is in the downward position you may fool yourself.

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