Runway to Room: Home Style

Someone points out in the movie The September Issue how Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour’s fashion forecasts can affect entire industries — ones which we at care so much about, such as fabrics and fabrics, tile layouts, paint colors and construction materials.

Nail artwork is important today as recession-laden folks turn to more affordable sources (such as nail polish and lipstick) to express their individuality and project a sense of self. And you are able to take a few design cues from the nail trends seen in the spring 2012 Fashion Week runways to broaden your house design inspiration pool.

CND Inc..

Textured Metallics

Gold leafs add dimensionality to gold claws with black tips…

Jensen Architects

… exactly the exact same manner gold elements add dimensionality for this contemporary ScrapHouse. The home is made from substances which have been”reinvented for their intended purpose,” the exact same way that the gold leaf was used for nail art.

John Kraemer & Sons

The sheen in the wall coverings, the textured finish of the marble sink and the opaqueness of the panel and mirror mimic the metallic, textured and edge cut of the nail-art image.

CND Inc..

Futuristic Clear Tips

Translucent and cracked nail art is nothing new. Why is this design on trend are the futuristic clear tips.

Munger Interiors

Much like the nail-art picture, this timeless kitchen shows a joyful marriage between beige countertops and table and Lucite Knoll bar stools.

CND Inc..

The Two-Tone Look

Stretch your colour comfort level by thinking up the most improbable pairings: metallic red with white French tips or slate and yellow.

Brennan + Company Architects

Earthy terra cotta and industrial steel are a dual-toned game made in heaven with this sliding barn door.

CND Inc..

Ombré (Color Fading)

In cosmetics, hair colour, cloth design and nail art, colour fading was omnipresent last year and can be this one too.

Amoroso Design

This kitchen backsplash reveals colour fading in green.

A heater is not resistant to ombré.

CND Inc..

Pretty Having an Edge

in the Event That You merged Joan Jett and Taylor Swift’s personas, you’d get pretty with an edge.

D Swift

This blue-tufted Cezanne-style sofa with bright pink throw pillows combines flair and tradition. The style and circumstance of the sofa is traditional, but the colour choices add flair and panache.

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