Show Off Your Video: Electronic device are Here to Remain. Why Conceal Them?

Candice Olson produced a declaration that altered the way I considered electronic equipment while viewing an episode of Divine Style one night. She stated which they are a component of our contemporary lives…so why pretend that they do not exist when we are decorating?

I ‘ve been an integral part of the “conceal all repulsive electronic equipment in armoire-kind furniture” camp. But what Candice said makes total sense in my experience. With the introduction of thinner-than-slim flat-screens, for showing our tv sets, the choices are restricted just to our imaginations.

Check out a few of these excellent thoughts…and stop hiding your electronic equipment!


A video positioned on a tile wall that was slick becomes a piece of artwork for the bathroom.

Innovative and slick, a fitting video tops this games console. I have to confess, I I would be diverted by the lovely view outside the windows of the room that was kind of. However, I enjoy, the TV screen thought!

Chang + Sylligardos Architects

Mounting a chilly flat display on wood that is warm creates a pleasant visual distinction.

HartmanBaldwin Design/Develop

The video in this chamber is in sight, but becomes secondary due to the furniture arrangement. Attempt this thought you never need it to be a focal level, although in the event you would like use of the Video.

Tv sets within the hearth have become more common. The pleasant thing relating to this chamber is the sweep of wood that makes a video which is bigger in relation to the hearth beneath look not so huge.

Elizabeth Dinkel

Is it possible to view the display in this kitchen? An innovative idea for including a television set in a non-traditional area just like a kitchen…put it up high. In the end, how frequently would you see films in the kitchen?

Elad Gonen

Flat-panel displays add themselves nicely to modern spaces. This slick set up is classy and minimalistic.

Pepe Calderin Layout- Contemporary Interiordesign

The feel on the wall behind this video makes the entire wall look like an art installation.

In Case you are now living in a more conventional space, consider creating a “focal wall” behind your tv with pretty background.

Tomar Lampert Associates

Built in cabinetry is an excellent standby that functions as well using the newest electronic equipment of now as it did with the bigger versions of yesterday.

Brooklyn Lime-Stone

Another smart idea to get a much more conventional space. Why don’t you place your set in the pretty frame?

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