Sixteen Perfect Mirrors

Mirrors came to mean significantly more in relation to the first ‘lookingglass.’ They’re now an integral part of the system of a contemporary house. By utilizing them, there are no caverns for halls, no dim corners. There could be a sense of liberty, light, atmosphere, space.
-Dorothy Draper

Yikes, I began having an excellent quotation that I can not begin to leading with my very own words. The venerable Ms. Draper really wrote the copy for a cosmetic mirror catalog and titled it “Seventyseven Recipes for Mirrors in Nowadays Dwelling.” Use the quotations to houzz images and I want to get my fingers on that one, but this is not actually how I roll here. Anyhow, let us have a look at the way the pros set and have selected the best mirror in an assortment of areas, lets? Seventy Seven? Double Yikes. I have just got sixteen in me at the second – please add your favourites to the remarks section in the underside.


This mirror states “Close Up You Dumb Wicked Witch! I WILL BE THE FAIREST OF THEM ALL!!!”

Tracery Interiors

Where oh where in the world can one discover a tin mirror that is great in this way? And how best is it with lamp and that mad fish?

Buttrick Wong Architects

I am therefore confused by how much I adore this mirror that I can not think of things to say about it, just like once I get totally tongue I possess a crush on.

Vanessa De Vargas

This mirror is not large, but its complex type causes it to be only the correct scale for this particular wall.

Huntley & Co. Interior Layout

This bath room is kept by this mirror from being overly overly modern – so much curiosity is added by the distinction of its own conventional form and ornamentation.

Rebekah Zaveloff | KitchenLab

This mirror is similar to the guest only at that dining table.

Kim Metheny

The ring-shaped mirror is really great against the tiles that are striped. I like that its edge blends in with all the tiles – this area isn’t all in regards to the mirror, it is about the pink seat as well as the tiles.

What mirror in a dream cabinet than a threeway mirror?

Dreamy Whites

What greater strategy to reflect the elegant dining room that is light and airy than having a wonderful shabby elegant full length mirror? That framework contour as well as the colour are T.D.F.

Castro Style Studio

I really like that this sudden mirror enhances this in door/back yard. It resembles an outside architectural component, such as a window on a Greek revival construction (oh lord, do I possess the style proper? You all understand I toss these terms about without an excellent memory of Architectural Background course – sorry Richard Guy Wilson!).

Huntley & Co. Interior Layout

This mirror that is really simple is ideal in the space that is current.

This mirror that is ancient measures the sophistication of the toilet up one mo Re notch.

Cynthia Taylor-Luce

This may happen to be a dim corner, from being lifeless area, but the Moroccan mirror retains the conclusion of the hall.

Tracery Interiors

This is some warm mirror-on-mirror activity. Adore it!

This mirror is a portion of an ideal combination of new and old in this toilet space.