'Soft Modern' Style Offers Best of Both Worlds

Defined by right lines, neutral colors and minimal ornamentation, modern style can split a bunch in two. Some adopt the style and can’t envision their environments with no. Others believe it cold and need nothing to do with it.

A modern aesthetic can even define a lifestyle, with its strict no-clutter policy. That is the tricky part for me personallypersonally: the part that is no-clutter. I really like things and will always have special items in my house which remind me of good times. I believe minimalism to be a bit of a bummer. An individual can go overboard with stuff.

I’ve noticed some fantastic distances on that be able to strike a happy balance by warming up the cold and introducing an extremely thoughtful mixture of well-curated details without clutter. I predict this “soft modern,” and it works with several different kinds of design. Notice how designers are mixing curved edges with straight lines, pairing colorful pattern with neutrals and leading the charge of this no-clutter nation.

Amy Lau Design

I really like this space. With mainly straight lines, all of the bits feel quite clean and modern. The great contrast of this timber dining table and grass cloth against the stark white sideboard are extremely pleasing to the eye. An organic wood lamp is paired with the sideboard to decorate this look. Notice how the elegant chandelier is a sharp contrast to the squared-off borders of this table.

Dufner Heighes Inc

The center pieces in this space feel modern, from the oak canopy bed into the iconic Hans Wegner Papa Bear Chair. On the other hand, the blue colour of this suede wallpaper and billowy curtains soften this modern bedroom.

Rachel Reider Interiors

The geometric profile of this table paired with the overscale abstract artwork resonates modern. The colorful palette of this art and accessories creates a softer, more approachable general style.

Beth Dotolo, ASID, RID, NCIDQ

The traditional modern architecture of this area is equaled by the colorful zigzag pattern of the rug. Jewel tones are pulled out of the rug and replicated in the throw pillows. Though this space doesn’t read as silent, it still feels modern and sleek.

Get Floored With a Bold Area Rug

Only the simple addition of the natural wood stool and the orange toss pillows makes this room feel soft and textured despite the otherwise modern, neutral palette.

Amy Lau Design

Within this fantastic bedroom that the classic, modern lines of these beds and nightstand are softened from the splash of citron everywhere. With this powerful color or coordinating accessories, the space would feel much more minimalist and not as interesting. Throwing in a punchy colour is just one simple way to soften modern details.

Venegas and Company

I really like this sleek space. Again the modern lines and shapes in the cabinetry and tile are softened from the finish on the rift-cut walnut cabinets. The soft, driftwood feel of the finish is an excellent contrast to all the squared-off angles.

Amy Lau Design

Geometrics generally read as modern. But with the accession of sheer curtains and organic-shape furniture, also with minimal clutter, the overall effect this is soft modern.

Rachel Reider Interiors

The sitting area in this master bedroom has been graced with the timeless Arco Lamp from Design Within Reach. This typically modern mild of metal and stone is softened with the curves of this seat and dining table. A soft palette of sky blue, chartreuse and plum further soften the dreamy mood.

Tell us : Can you consider a soft modern style for your property? Allow me to know your thoughts in the Remarks section.

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