The best way to Grow Grace Ward Lithodora

Grace Ward Lithodora (Lithodora diffusa “Grace Ward”) grows as an ever-green in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant-hardiness zones 6 to 8. This ground cover creates prostrate branches that form a mass 36 to 48-inches broad and 6 to 12″ tall. Trumpet- shaped flowers last from springtime before the conclusion of summer. Lithodora is a low-maintenance plant for rock gardens, butterfly gardens and landscapes. In places it grows in full sunlight, although in warm climates Grace Ward Lithodora does best in shade places.

Loosen the soil to the depth of 10″ in a circle 3 times using a shovel as broad as the plant pot. Lithodora needs excellent draining soil of planting medium, with all the texture. Mix a 2- to 4 inch layer of organic matter like peat moss, compost or manure to the soil. Smooth the soil using a rake.

Dig a hole that’s the same depth as the container. Remove the plant in the container, retaining the soil round the roots. Place the rootball in the hole and fill across the roots using the soil that is amended. Plant all of those other Lithodora crops or closer if quicker area protection is wanted.

Water the Grace Ward Lithodora seriously using a drip hose to motivate to grow. The best time to water is in the morning so the leaves have time. Water the Lithodora in the first-year when rainfall is minimum.

Spread a 1-inch layer of bark or leaf mulch round the plants. Don’t pile the mulch stems. Mulch is essential for decreasing water evaporation in the soil, safeguarding the roots from extreme temperatures and stunting weed development.

Following the flowers quit blooming trim the crops back using a pair of pruning shears in the summer. Cut wayward and a way stems branches. Trimming the crops controls dimensions and the form of the Lithodora.

Feed the Lithodora crops only if it is needed by them in the late-winter or early spring. This plant will sign its need to feed by creating greenish yellow leaves. Use rhododendron fertilizer in the suggested rate on the bundle.

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