The best way to Install Carpet Seam Binder

A carpet seam binder is a description that is deceptive. The binder is really when the carpet transitions to a different floor, a transition piece utilized to protect the fringe of of a carpet. The most frequent kind of binder is metallic. These steel strips are simple to to install and easy to cut. Transitions are available that are larger. All these are utilized when the carpet is positioned adjacent to a tile flooring that was thick or hard-wood.

Measure the width of your doorway opening. Since they are able to cover a doorway seam between two parts of carpet seam binders are also also referred to as saddles.

Place your seam binder in a noticed box and cut using a hack saw.

Position the seam binder on threshold or the carpet seam. Attach the seam binder utilizing screws suitable for your type that is subflooring. Use a screw-head that matches the taper on the binder.

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