Tips on How to Hire a Painter

As a homeowner, at some point, you will need to hire painting contractor Glendale, AZ for some project. One thing that everyone looks forward to is quality results when the painters are through with their work.

The following are some useful tips that should help you find the right contractor for the job:

Meet the Professional

Before you award someone the contract, make sure you meet no less than 3 different experts. You can also seek references from family members or friends. Make sure you hold the first meeting with them in your home so that you can tell whether they can do the job. In most cases, experts take a longer time assessing the house before they can give you an estimate so that they leave nothing to chance. At the same time, find out the size of their team, and how experienced they are.

State Your Expectations

Quality painting does not just end with the number of coats applied. You must discuss with your painter what you want. Talk about the cost of the project. Talk about what you expect when they are through. If possible, provide them samples of what you are looking for, and then agree on feasible recommendations before they begin.

Get Estimates

For each contractor who comes to inspect your home, make sure you get a written estimate for the work. The estimate must also include information on the cost of labor, cost of materials etc. It should be elaborate, complete with the materials’ model and brand that the painters will be using.

Check References

It’s advisable that you hire a painter who has been working on similar projects for years. They must present their references and show you some of the work that they have been done in the past. From the references you receive, follow up and find out from the previous clients whether the painter is as good as they say they are. Also, try to find out any challenges that the client had when working with the painter.

Consider Credentials

Before hiring Glendale painting, always make sure that you look through their credentials. Ensure they are members or affiliated with some trade group, some association or local organization with a strict code of ethics in the region. You should also look at their license and make sure they are valid. There’s nothing bad about doing a background check based on the same information.

Obtain a Contract

You need a contract that’s complete. The contract must have all the necessary details about the contractor, from their name to the address of their business, their license number and anything else that was included in the estimate you agreed upon. If there are any caveats, these should also be expressly indicated in the contract.

Ask for Insurance

Make sure you receive a copy of the liability and relevant insurance certificates from the painter. In case they do not have any of these, walk away. This is because you might end up being liable for any damages or misfortunes that may occur in your home.

Ask for a Guarantee

You need a guarantee from the painter that the work will be done to your specifications, if not better. Therefore, as part of the contract, the Glendale painters should give you a guarantee against peeling, chipping, blistering and clearly outline procedures for reprieve in the event that any of these occur.

Choose the Paint Yourself

Make sure you choose the paint that you want. Do not allow the painter to persuade you into choosing the paint that they prefer unless you are comfortable with their option.

Hold Out the Payment

Unless otherwise stated, never make a huge deposit on the payment. It’s advisable to commit to the contract with around 15% of the payment, and then when you are satisfied with the work, you can make the rest of the payment.