Clash Course: Lean Low, Pile High

Sometimes, a wall is not the location for your piece of art. Your flooring can exhibit art, books and other imaginative objects only as beautifully as a gallery wall or table arrangement. Piling these things high creates sculptures within your home and reinterprets traditional design conventions. Keep things exciting in your decoration and provoke attention with these flooring styling tips.

The Brooklyn Home Company

This vase, if placed on the floor, wouldn’t have height to perform justice. Set atop a small pile of books, the vignette successfully performs to scale.

Jerry Jacobs Design, Inc..

The grouping of photographs displayed on the floor is the secret to the perfect balance of casual elegance inside this room.

Artwork two ways: Hang one, slim yet another. It keeps the space feeling unfussy and relaxed.

Deborah French Designs

If our favorite things can sit pretty on the floor, so can we! Kilim floor mats promote a relaxed and playful area and add colour and feel at foot level.

The Virginia House

Form and function have equal billing here: stack vintage crates to create storage and sculpture.

Mark Dodge Design

Small pieces of art can operate on the floor, but can big canvases. Leaning this piece reduces the quantity of this large room and produces a sense of movement.


This eclectic piling of suitcases behaves as classic sculpture and will do double duty to home bathroom requirements.


Minimalist spaces accommodate art on the floor. Focus on the way your eye goes around the picture.

Catalina Estrada

If you’ve committed to fabulous wallpaper and can not bear to stick a nail hole in it, leaning vintage framed pieces can be a solution to create an eclectic vibe.

Caitlin Wilson Design

A collection of National Geographic magazines fills adverse space beneath a table and injects a hint of yellow.

Ken Levenson Architect P.C.

Even if your fireplace doesn’t work, piling logs with it instantly creates an organic sculpture.

Inform us Have you got carefully ordered piles or low-leaning art in your property? Share a photo from the comments section below!

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