Give a Traditional Bathroom True Polish With Stripes

Bathrooms are so often neglected when it comes to accessorizing — typically because it’s this type of practical area. However, given the amount of time a lot of us prefer to invest inside them, accessories should really be given a greater priority.

The Victorians loved accessories in their baths — from decorated porcelain soap dishes into lace-covered tissue boxes, from shaving racks into gilded wall sconces. Nowadays it’s important to be practical, too. The toilet is among the most heavily used rooms in the house and has to be kept tidy, so don’t clutter floors and shelves along with your own workplace will be a nightmare.

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Traditional free-standing baths are magnificent, but you’ll need someplace to rest your toiletries. A stool is so flexible — just pop a tray on top for your own bits and bobs.

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The free-standing bath, which is very popular at this time, also frequently lacks easy access into the towel rail. How did the Victorians cope? Having a towel rack, of course. A lovely mahogany stand gives a real nod to classic style, and you’ll be able to grab a fantastic bargain online (or at a car-boot sale if you reside, just like I do, in the U.K.).

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There are no guidelines to say that towels have to be white. Use coloured ones to finish your scheme. The red introduced here, and carried through the flower arrangement, really brings the room to life.

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Mirrors are toilet essentials which allow to get just a little imagination. Here’s a lovely and practical approach to show off a collection of vintage-style mirrors — it adds real character and reflects the area’s natural light.


I’m quite envious of all of the space and natural lighting in this toilet. There are tons of surfaces for pretty accessories without making matters looking cluttered. Rather than lots of small bits, continue to scale and proceed for furniture and accessories which are little larger where you’ve got the room.

Glass apothecary jars are lovely accessories and keep everything neat and clean while still in view. They also looking fantastic using a collection of guest soaps, which your customers will love.

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A dab of greenery is lovely in a toilet, especially if you can use it to bring the outdoors in — such as in this gorgeous bathroom with a view. An aspidistra rack is a traditional accessory put to great use here, where there’s enough room for it not to feel cluttered. You can easily get a cheap wooden one and simply paint it whatever color suits your toilet.

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I say no toilet is complete without candles. I really like to change in my songs, light my candles, then turn off the lights and wallow in heavenly scents. However, (listen to the voice of experience here) be sure to acquire high quality Steak or soy candles so as not to destroy your decor with smoke.

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This room feels quite Victorian with the traditional sink and tiles, the use of dark wood and loads of accessories. In reality, it’s very cleverly organized to be practical and simple to wash. I love the toilet-paper holder — it’s a lovely method of injecting humor into the room.

More clever areas for stashing the T.P.

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