Gussy Up Your Garden Shed

I really don’t know about you, but I can not help but collect beautiful things when I find them selling for cheap. The only problem: several of these items simply don’t fit in with my home’s decor. In case you’ve got exactly the same problem, treat your garden to such pieces to give it a special personality.

Dear Daisy Cottage

If you collect vintage bottle and fruit crates, now sitting in the garage since they don’t fit in with your modernist vibe indoors, use the crates as storage for seeds or tools, or even as replicas for individual herbs.

Amy Renea

This is my backyard shed, all tricked out with girly pinks and whites, vintage illustrations and frilly cloths. None of these things would match with my home’s decoration, but in this girlish escape, they are ideal.

Christie Thomas

Have you purchased so many things at garage sales you could outfit an entire drop? Simply take a couple of days and make your pragmatic workhouse a delightful getaway. Painted furniture, vintage fabrics and girly touches can alter a space.

Restyled Home

Perhaps you don’t require the space, but your grandma do. Get a section of countertop and a minisink from your closest Habitat for Humanity shop. Add various dishes and cookware from a thrift shop, and offer the children a play kitchen for under $20.

Amy Jesaitis

Perhaps you’ve got an abundance of baskets floating around your home. Collect each of the ones in one or two colors (say, blonde and natural brownish) and group them with a simple chair outside. You now have a rustic, well-organized potting bench with plenty of storage.

Amy Renea

Do you have hanging baskets than you do plants? Consider repurposing them. They are fantastic for storing rope and string; they also work well as catchalls for medium-size tools.

Color Specialist, Charlotte

Do you have a lot of shovels cluttering your drop? Turn them into smart door handles.

Fiorella Design

Smaller furniture pieces, such as the dining table, chair and bench seen here, are usually seen in the trash pile. Be courageous and rescue pieces from the curb before they end up in the dump.

Mismatched furnishings work nicely when the endings are similiar. In this photo, the pieces all have a similiar worn, grayish patina. If you discover disparate pieces, give them a coating of paint to make the grouping appear more intentional.

Amy Renea

I found this little rocker for $2 in an auction. With just a little paint and fabric, it is presently one of the greatest parts of my shed.

Watch the full makeover and drop show here.

Whether you spruce up curbside furniture with paint repurpose a classic blackboard or collect distinctive storage containers from your local thrift shop, there are many ways to provide your garden space character on the cheap. Keep hunting, keep stockpiling and breathe new life in your garden sheds, cottages and playhouses with paintings that are found.

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