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Painting my doors black is at the very top of the to-do list, and also the more pictures of black doors I see, the more inspired I am to do it. This is a hot new trend, not just for exterior doors but interior doors too. A reference in a previous ideabook struck a chord with viewers, which prompted this particular ideabook dedicated to painting your doors black. Are you prepared for doors? Have a look at these examples, and tell us in the Comments section.

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For me, black doors look best when paired with clean whites and light neutrals. You receive a crisp and clean combination that is not expected.

Samuel H. Williamson Associates

Black is not a new idea. When she was mourning the passing of Prince Albert, Queen Victoria ordered doors at the British Empire to be painted black. This had a lot of influence on American homes then and today. We see conventional homes with a black front door and white trimming as timeless Americana.

Holly Marder

Black front doors operate nicely with the white chic interiors. They supply a dash of extreme contrast to Scandinavian-style decoration.

Just a Girl

Just A Girl had a very popular blog article about how to paint your own door black without taking it off the hinges or removing hardware. The secret is Benjamin Moore Ironclad Metal and Wood Enamel in Black 363.

Of course, the right way to paint a door is to first remove the door from its hinges. It is possible to boil the existing hardware to get rid of paint, or upgrade to new hardware. Add an oversize door knocker and a brass kickplate to add a pinch of metallic.

Jennifer Grey Interiors Design & Color Specialist

Provided that you have your black paint outside for the door, why not use it to your furniture in need of refurbishment? An old necklace takes on a modern look as a result of a coat of strong black paint. The black door, black blouse as console and black accessories in the kind of boot tray and coat hook on a creamy beige background come together beautifully for a New Conventional appearance.

Carla Aston | Interior Designer

If you’re thinking about painting a solid door black due to how dark it might make your room, the frames of a French door really are a fantastic place to get started. You still get that touch of classic black, however, the glass panels will allow plenty of light to filter in. Pair them with wispy white curtains for a stunning view.

Dawna Jones Design

A black door black complements black cabinetry, joining a room together in a sleek appearance.

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Palmerston Design Consultants

Do you have a black vanity cupboard and a black tub? You are almost required to paint the bathroom door black. Paired with white marble or subway tile, it’s perfection. Notice how the dashes of yellow at the painting and at the flowers infuse energy into the room.

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc..

Black doors framed in glowing white trim add extra punch. The idea of using this handsome application with black-and-white patterned wallpaper speaks to the boldness of the homeowner.

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc..

I like the glossy black finish with this particular door accented by black ceiling pendant, table lamps, and furniture.

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

Employing a black door on a black wall is catchy. Herea black door with black trim is intended to disappear in the wall, and also white furniture and vibrant textiles in the room make it operate.

Can you paint your doors black? Please show us below!

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