Speedy Hint: Make Use of a Golf Tee to Repair a Door Hinge

If you’ve got a door hinge that’s feeling a bit odds are the screws. Removing a screw could be tricky, but then how can you go about replacing within an present hole? North Carolina based Grainda Builders shared with a smart and quick way to tighten a door hinge without a lot of fuss.

Remove a pair of pliers, either using a screwdriver or the stripped screw. Next, squirt some carpenter’s glue to the hole, then insert the pointed end of a golf tee in, and tap on the tee into position with a hammer.

With a utility knife, cut off the exposed extra part of the golf tee its flush with the doorframe. This will give you a item of substance to drill a new screw into.

Finally, drill a new pilot hole directly into the golf tee and just re-insert the twist through the hinge. The hinge needs to feel a lot more secure and secure.

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