The Way to Decide on a Kitchen Backsplash That Wows

A kitchen’s backsplash functions similar to jewelry. Simple or snazzy, it may bring a whole look together; the ideal backsplash helps your kitchen reach its potential. Our comprehensive guides, rounded here, will be able to help you discover the backsplash material and colour that fit along with your kitchen’s look, your cleaning style and budget.

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Find Your Inspiration

The Kitchen of the Week series is excellent fodder for remodeling and renovation inspiration. Learn about the back-painted glass revealed here and nine popular backsplashes from amazing kitchens on .

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Choose Your Material

Tile. The good news: You have finally settled on a tile backsplash. The good thing: The selection procedure has just started. Cement, subway, mosaic, patterned or cut? This guide will give you the advantages and disadvantages for each, along with styling tips.

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Mirror. Additional visual space, many different styles and a relatively affordable cost make mirror a great backsplash choice. See how this brassy backsplash material can work in almost any kitchen layout.

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Recycled tile. Whether salvaged or containing recycled material, recycled tile may add a unique element to a kitchen that is easy on your conscience.

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Window. Planning on making some structural changes to your kitchen? Consider a different kind of backsplash: a fresh window. A beautiful view, more mild and refreshing air could improve your kitchen’s style and performance.

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Tin. Require an old-fashioned approach to your backsplash and use easy tin tiles. This time-tested material is durable, beautiful and reasonably priced.

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Unique materials. Perhaps you feel like your traditional kitchen requires a distinct touch. Or perhaps you’re just ready to embrace the odd. In any event, these unique backsplash materials can enable you to get the statement-making look you want.

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Installation Considerations

Half backsplash. If you’ve got your heart set on a marble backsplash however can’t afford the counter-to-ceiling program you envisioned, don’t give up your dream just yet. Cut your backsplash in half or more! — to reduce cost without sacrificing efficacy.

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DIY. Think you’re ready to set in your own backsplash? When you have experience placing tile and need something easy in your kitchen, then have a look at this manual. A DIY backsplash installation might help you to save some serious cash.

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