Thanks, Steve: Apple-Inspired Design at Home

Losing Steve Jobs got me to thinking about just how important Apple is to those who love layout. From the first Macintosh to the iPod, iPhone, iPad and iconic Apple Stores, Apple has led the way. And not only in engineering, but in producing wonderful, user-friendly, holistically constructed objects.

Who can forget that legendary “1984” Superbowl commercial? Visually stunning, it was a powerful message and a trendsetter for many blockbuster Superbowl commercials to follow.

So here is a tribute to some great iPad, iPod and iPhone accessories and must-haves — and also the way the Apple aesthetic has worked its way into our houses. It is not everyday that a product comes along that changes the entire world and generates so many new businesses in its aftermath.

This streamlined white space was definitely seems to have been designed using the iBook in mind.


An iPad set to the wall is only another area of the space — but with the capacity to control the room’s temperature, music, safety attributes and more.


TRUFIG iPad Mount (CM-2000)

For all of us worried about getting all that stuff hanging onto our nicely designed walls includes this tidy and simple method to mount an iPad.

AV Awakenings

An iPad controls the big monitor and everything else in the home theatre.

Paragon Kitchens

Apple’s design made it much easier to place our workspaces on display. Even the tiniest kitchen desk is big enough for your Mac.

Valerie pasquiou insides + design, inc

Rustic brick walls, warm hardwood floors and a comfortable cloth seat all make a counterpoint to the Mac’s slick, sleek lines.


USB Typewriter Olympia Portable – $799

An iPad docked in what can only be described as amazing art.

Straight Line Designs


Here is the iPod docked in a exceptional speaker system: High-tech glitz meets log-cabin style.

Rossington Architecture

The children would definitely do their assignments in a setting similar to this. After writing that word paper on the Mac they could play a game of 8-ball to reset.

Ed Ritger Photography

Unmistakeably iconic and ready to hold its own in almost any “man cave”

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

Apple’s iWork, iLife, iBank, etc. made it effortless to keep ourselves organized and know exactly where everything is.

Elite Metalcraft Co. Ltd

This is like the glass stair in the iconic 5th Avenue Apple Store. Not for the faint of heart.

The Container Store

Mini Microfiber Fuzzy Finger Mitt – $2.99

Following is a fun and vibrant way to keep the screen tidy. Maybe I can get the children to take action.

Urban Outfitters

App Magnets – $16

What kitchen would be complete without the omnipresent program icon as refrigerator magnet?


MP3 Alarm Clock Docking Station and Speakers – $59.95

Phone, music system, photo gallery, photo gallery, inventory tracker — and an alarm clock which at least will bring a grin to your face.

Geneva Sound Systems Geneva Sound XL High-Powered All-in-One HiFi – $1,999

Little iPod, BIG SPEAKER! “Don’t bury the bass” as they say.

The Red Jet

Rise and shine, sleepy heads! There’s no reason not to understand what time it is due to this big-screen Mac.

Have you incorporated the iPad, iPod and other technologies to your property? Please discuss a pic below.

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